Llagen; results in death in utero or during childbirth hydatiform moles abnormal bastocysts secrete high levels of hcg producing malignant tumors; genome is paternal situs inversus transposition of visceral organs; can be caused by ssri inhibiting serotonin holoproencephaly caused by alcohol killing anterior midline cells; can fuse eyes, mislocate nose, single incisor sacrococcygeal teratoma tumors from remnants of primitive streak in sacrococcygeal region; may also arise from primordial germ cells that fail to migrate to gonadal hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer/hnpcc/lynch syndrome one of the most common inheritied cancers; caused by defect in mismatch repair of dna xeroderma pigmentosum caused by deficiency in excision endonuclease; inability to repair uv damage; high rate of skin cancer anencephaly caused by failure of the neural tube to close cranially; proven to be prevented by taking folic acid during pregnancy spina bifida caused by failure of the neural tube to close caudally, prevented by folic acid sirenomelia (caudal dysgenesis) associated with maternal diabetes, twinning, absence of brachyury; insufficient mesoderm in caudalmost region; fusion of lower limbs, vertebral abnormalities sickle cell anemia cause by missense mutation in beta-s globin gene; gag (glutamate) -> gtg (valine) cystic fibrosis deletion of 3 base pairs in cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator; missing phenylalanine beta thalassemia deficiency of beta globin chain due to splice site mutation; most common single gene disorder fragile x trinucleotide repeat in 5' noncoding region; mental retardation, long face, mandible, and ears, macroorchism (big balls) myotonic dystrophy trinucleotide repeat in 3' noncoding region; most common muscular dystrophy (delay in muscle relaxation after contraction) huntington's disease repeat of glutamine codon causing unstable accumulation of aggregates; nerve cells die, progressive neurodegenerative disease; diagnosis b/t age 30-50 systemic lupus erythematosus autoimmune where patient produces antibodies against host proteins, including snrnps; diagnosed with antinuclear antibody panel; young females with butterfly face rash klinefelters syndrome xxy nondisjunction of the xx homologues turner syndrome 45,x; 80% due to nondisjunction of male gamete cri-du-chat caused by partial deletion of 5p angellman / prader-willi caused by deletion; differing symptoms depending of which parent mutatio. uso de viagra y alcohol viagra for sale in canada Viagra walgreens price generic viagra online pharmacy india viagra lasting longer than 4 hours directions on using viagra generic viagra Safe take viagra xanax Viagra 35 years old viagra lasting longer than 4 hours cheap viagra on line overnight viagra online where can i buy viagra viagra cheapest online best place purchase viagra online viagra 5 mg 28 compresse costo buy viagra pills discount viagra generic best price viagra for cheap
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