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    home about us public what is pns links professionals search dis. Generic viagra me uk kamagra Name lab. Personal contact members pnseuronet in other languages, select: el contenido de esta pã¡gina requiere una versiã³n mã¡s reciente de adobe flash player. Search the web pnseuronet. Org   peter sillevis smitt   department of neurology  erasmus university medical center   room h639  ’s-gravendijkwal 230  3015 ce rotterdam   tel. 010 - 703 3327   fax. How long should you wait after eating to take viagra 010 - 703 2156   e-mail: p. buy viagra online Sillevissmitt@erasmusmc. Nl website: www. viagra bayer duracion Erasmusmc. Nl   prof. cheap viagra online Sillevis smitt finished his residency and phd-thesis in 1992 at the university of amsterdam. After a neuro-oncology fellowship at memorial sloan-kettering cancer center (prof. J. Posner) he became staff neurologist at the neuro-oncology department of the daniel den hoed cancer center in 1995. In 2002 he became head of the neurology department of the erasmus university medical center. He is also head of the laboratory of neuro-oncology that was founded in 1998. The erasmus mc includes the daniel den hoed cancer clinic, the academic hospital, the sophia children's hospital and the medical faculty of the erasmus university rotterdam. buy viagra Besides paraneoplastic neurological syndromes, his main research interest is in experimental brain tumor treatment, including gene therapy. Scientific team  his collaborators are: marieke de graaf, md, working in the medical and tumor immunology laboratary and the neuro-oncology lab. ; dr. viagra in women Jan willem gratama, phd, head of the tumor immunology laboratory; prof. viagra online Herbert hooijkaas, md, phd, an immunologist in charge of the immunology laboratory who supervises routine testing for known paraneoplastic antineuronal autoantibodies; theo luider, phd, biochemist specialized in mass spectrometry; ing. can buy viagra vietnam Esther hulsenboom, technician working in the neuro-oncology lab; and ing. Eric brouwer, technician working in the neuro-oncology lab. Laboratory research facilities  immunohistochemistry and immunoblot techniques to detect onconeural antibodies. viagra online forsale Protein purification, pcr, rt-pcr, in situ hybridization and gene cloning. Areas of interest:  - clinical: pcd and hodgkin's disease (with or without antibodies) oculomotor abnormalities in pns - preclinical: atypical staining of purkinje cells; hud specific t-lymphocytes - animal models of antibody mediated neurological disorders selected publications: 1. cheap generic viagra          shams'ili s, de beukelaar j, gratama jw, hooijkaas h, van den bent m, van't veer m, sillevis smitt p. viagra safe teenagers An uncontrolled trial of rituximab for antibody associated paraneoplastic neurological syndromes. Viagra how does it work J neurol 2006; 253:16-20.   2. viagra in women          shams'ili s, grefkens j, de leeuw b, van den bent m, hooijkaas h, van der holt b, vecht c, sillevis smitt p. cheap generic viagra Paraneoplastic cerebellar degeneration associated with antineuronal antibodies: analysis of 50 patients. viagra without a doctor prescription Brain 2003; 126:1409-18. get viagra prescription nhs   3. viagra in women          sillevis smitt p, grefkens j, de leeuw b, van den bent m, van putten w, hooijkaas h, vecht c. buy cheap viagra Survival and. viagra online india
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